Save $1,032

Average customer
savings per order when
compared to buying
gear at an outdoor gear

1:1 Support

You get a personal guide
to help you rent gear,
select destinations and
anything in between.

Easier than

Get gear delivered when
you need it and send
it back when you don’t. No
storage or maintenance


We’re creating a
world where you can
experience the
outdoors sustainably

For many of us, it doesn’t make sense to buy outdoor gear. It can be a waste of money, time and space. It can also be harmful to the planet to buy things unnecessarily. We built Coozie Outdoors to give you a better option. Now you can access premium outdoor gear for a fraction of the price of retail. No storage or maintenance necessary.


We’re all about people

and we’re all about you. We’re a community who loves to get out there, we like to have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Most importantly, we’re really excited about redefining the outdoor industry and how we all experience the outdoors.

We selectively partner with only the
best outdoor gear providers

Our team is constantly adding new brands and expanding our offerings.
Are you interested in partnering? Email us and we’ll be in touch.